Grouse hunting 2020

Now you can reserve accommodation with us for the grouse hunt in Kautokeino. The apartment is located in the middle between the hunting fields Kau10, Kaut12, Kau13 and Kau15.

Surely it is not possible to be more central if hunting is on the menu?


Fishing in Finnmark

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Hare hunting with dog

Grouse hunting in Finnmark


Reindeer migration route 6 days

North Troms to Kautokeino

A six-day trip from the coast in Northern Troms to Kautokeino in Finnmark. We cross the plateau on foot.

Nordkalott route 2 days

Reisavannet to Nedrefosshytta

The tour starts from Kautokeino to the coast of Northern Troms – on foot! A day’s March and a day’s paddle are all it takes.