Reisareven – fox hunting with hound

Reisareven arrangement at Northern Norway is a fox hunting activity with hounds.  For hunting is very popular and gives a lot of advantages for the hunter. All small game population grows fast. For hunting with hounds makes it possible to hunt those alpha foxes who patrol their area and who never come on bait. Hunting with bait and hounds in combination gives huge results for small game growth. 


Reisareven – fox hunting with hounds in field

Every year Reisareven is advertised by local hunting association. Hunters will get location, accommodation, instructions and knowledge about hounds after they are signed in as participants. After this it’s possible to reserve pace and it’s the first reservations that are picked as participants. From 2018 we take maximum 12 participants plus instructors. We also require minimum 3 hounds available all weekend. 

From 2019 all participants needs to reserve space at Norvilt website and pay for the space when reserving. 


FRIDAY – All participants meet where the arrangement is all weekend. All evening we have films and instructions. It’s also possible to ask questions about fox hunting with hounds. We prepare hunting gear and give shooting spots to participants. After that we make us ready for a day full of action. 

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY – 07:00 AM the first hounds are let loose and all posts needs to be ready. Posts and how we hunt are introduced they night before the hunt. 

Miscellaneous about dog hunting

We use B-bark dog trackers from Bearproof and that makes it possible for participants to follow our dogs through their mobile phones. With this you can see the whole team and all the dogs. It’s very important for the safety. 


We use terriers in case of the fox goes into den. In case of safety there are maximum 3-4 participants when hunting with terriers. All others continue hunting with hounds.