Fishing in Finnmark | Fishing trip to Norway

The package  Fly fishing in Norway | Fly fishing in Norway is a trip that starts from Northern Norway. 

  • Participants: 16 persons (4 groups)
  • Accommodation: 16 beds (4 camps)
  • Transport from airport: 9 seat mini bus with space to a lot of luggage.
  • Transport daily: 9 seat mini bus, transport to fishing area.
  • Guiding: Guiding daily, 6-12 hours

Camp Norvilt: The camp is a combination between house and wilderness trout camp with all equipment. 

Norvilt Wilderness camp: The camp has large tents with own bedroom to each fisherman. Also kitchen and simple equipment. The camp has all necessary equipment for cooking, eating and such. Every participant gets his/hers own bedroom with wonderland madras to sleep on. It’s like a hotel room in the wilderness. Inside the tents we also have heating for hanging up clothing for drying. You have to have your own sleeping bag and pillow. 

All guest should have:

  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Protection against mosquito (spray, mosquito hat, mosquito oil etc.)
  • Something to sit on when eating outdoors.
  • Fishing gear: normal fishing gear. Ask us if you need something. Fishing lures, flies etc.
  • Backpack for day trips
  • Sun glasses and sun lotion
  • Clothing: waterproof shoes, good jacked and pants, wool underwear and sweater.



  • Arrival with plane: Departure from Alta airport 15.00
  • Arrival with car: meet and greet at Kautokeino 18.00
  • Activity Monday:short fishing trip if you want.
  • Group 1: Travels to Norvilt Wilderness camp
  • Group 2: Travels to Camp Norvilt house with bus transport daily.

Thursday to Sunday: 

  • Fishing at wilderness camp or lake hopping between fishing spots.

Monday, week 2: 

  • We return to Alta airport early in the morning so everyone reaches their plane.

Reservation fee

When ordering package from us there will be added a reservation fee per group kr. 5.000,- (kr. 2500,- before 15 of march) with due date 7 days after booking. Remember that reservation fee will not be refunded if booking is canceled by customers. 

Recommended insurance

When ordering package travel with us, customers are encouraged to have travel insurance with cancellation protection, as well as insurance that covers damage and other unforeseen costs during the trip. Such insurance can be ordered from most insurance companies and is also used on all other trips by your family. Click here to read more about travel insurance.

Not included in the package

  1. Food is not included, but transport to food store daily is included.
  2. Fishing licenses are not included in the price (approximately 70 NOK per day).
  3. Flight is not included.
  4. Sleeping bag / pillow

If you want a more exclusive package, you can catch up with your friends on a fishing trip by helicopter in North Norway. 

Fishing trip to Northern Norway

kr 4.792,00

SPECIAL: when booking before 15. march we give kr. 2500,- in discount per group. 

Fishing trip in North Norway |  Experience the tranquility of the wilderness hidden fishing spots with beautiful char, big trout, big whitefish, Grayling and perhaps a world-class fishing. Our focus is to take you to the best fishing spots that we have become acquainted with after several generations of fishing in Finnmark. Maybe we can help you get to experience the fishing dream of your life?

Your Finnmark Adventure

You travel from your nearest airport to Alta airport. From Alta airport we will fetch you with our bus and drive you to Kautokeino where groups are coming together. Norvilt camps have two types of camps. The first is a house and the second is trout camp in wilderness.

Fly fishing Northern Norway

In 2020, this tour will be held as a hybrid holiday where you get to experience living in comfortable wilderness camp next to fantastic fishing spot and other half of your holiday to stay in Norvilt Lodge house where you are driven by minibus to the best fishing spots in Kautokeino Daily. This allows you to experience the best of two worlds – all in a package journey!

Norvilt Lodge

Half of your holiday you live in Norvilt Lodge where you sleep well in dark rooms in a house with air conditioning, toilet, shower, washing machine, fridge, stove, satellite tv, fiber internet etc. Every day the minibus drives you out to the fishing spots and you get to experience days of high mobility, variety and voltage levels. The guide stays daily with you at the fishing spot and helps you with the knowledge you need to succeed at the different fishing spots.

Norvilt Camp

Other half of your holiday, you live in the wilderness next to exceptional fishing spot where you get to wait for the vak. You have 100 overviews of hatchings and otherwise fishing conditions, so all you have to do is take a few steps out of the tent to fish when there is a high level of activity. The camp is well equipped and you get your own bedroom with plenty of room for your personal affairs. Guests have access to a toilet and field shower, as well as a kitchen for cooking and staying.

Norvilt Equipment Storage

As a participant, you have access to good fishing tools that make the odds of success are many times greater than if you travel on your own. Our equipment storage is constantly evolving and improving, but by 2020 we have available complete wilderness camp with wonderland bed, all clay equipment, deeper sonar to lure fishermen, fly-linking equipment with material and much else that you can use.

Your guides in Finnmark

We organize everything for you before you get there and all you need to focus on is enjoying life while fishing. Our goal is to succeed in fishing and have experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. We have a good network of fishermen who report daily on local fishing conditions and it allows our guides to make sure you always fish where the conditions are best.

Every evening we have an evening meeting to plan the next day and you have the opportunity to provide input for the next day’s fishing trip.

Who is the package for?

This package is very suitable for you with a focus on fishing and especially if it is the focus of landing big fish. We guide beginners and professional fishermen, and age or impaired health is also no obstacle to being with us. We can customize our tours to suit everyone and you can only contact us if you have special wishes for your dream trip.

Age or impaired health is basically no obstacle to traveling with us. We can customize our trips so that one can reach the destinations in a simple and comfortable way. 

Good reasons to travel to us:

  1. We offer trips to unique areas for sport fishers!
  2. We have good knowledge of the areas and fishing conditions.
  3. Our guides will be available to you 10 hours a day
  4. No hidden fees! Transport, accommodation and guiding included in the price.
  5. We are well equipped with equipment for fishing (boat, bus, ATV, rods etc)

We welcome you as our guest !!