Terms and conditions

The terms are designed in particular. The Norwegian Package Travel Act (the “Pakkereiseloven”) and the Children and Family Ministry’s regulations to the Act, (“Regulations”) and supplement the provisions of the Act and the regulations. Furthermore, the terms and conditions are adjusted according to EU regulation on air passenger rights.

The terms regulate the relationship between the tour operator and the consumer.

1. The conclusion of the agreement and payment terms

The parties to the agreement are Sami Culture AS (company number 996 942 171) as organizer and you who order from norvilt.com directly or indirectly. The agreement between the parties is active upon confirmation of the order and the terms of the order are approved by the customer upon completion of the order. Customer is requested to print terms and conditions.

Reservation fee for the order has maturity 2. days after booking and paid to account 4740 13 76646. If payment fails more than 2 days after the due date, the agreement is automatically deleted, unless the customer can document that payment has been made before the due date.

The balance is due 42 days before departure and will cover payment obligations to subcontractors for transport, accommodation, guiding etc. The customer is responsible for following up on the payment of the balance.

2. What is covered by the agreement

The agreement includes the package trip as stated in the order and confirmation and travel document or similar document, as well as any additional benefits included in the package travel according to agreement between the parties. Otherwise, the agreement also includes the organizer’s possible individual conditions.

Further information is provided by the organizer on their websites, in catalogs, brochures or such as part of the agreement unless they must be assumed to be of no significance for the customer’s purchase of the package. The information is also not considered part of the agreement if they have been changed in a clear manner before the conclusion of the agreement. The package travel content can be adapted to external conditions, but always so that it benefits you as a customer.

Connection trips or special country events (excursions, courses etc.) are only included in the package trip if these are sold or marketed at a total price, or arranged in a manner that encourages to be sold together with the package trip.

3. The price of the travel

3.1 Price

The stated price for the package travel includes all fees, fees and / or taxes that the Norwegian authorities impose on the services covered by the agreement. The price also includes any supplements for special requests the customer may have linked to his or her order or other benefits the organizer has agreed to.

Only additions are specified in the order included in the price. Any additional benefits that the customer chooses not included in the price for later change.

The price for any cancellation protection and / or travel insurance is in addition to the package travel price and is not covered by the provisions at this point. The same applies to any connection trip or land events that are not part of the package trip.

If prices for the package travel are adjusted up or down by changes in public taxes and fees, and / or transport prices and / or the currencies in question, this shall not affect the price stated on the conclusion of the agreement. All price changes apply only to new orders, it is the price stated when ordering which is applicable at all times.

3.2 Booking fee size

All bookings include a reservation fee which shall cover payment obligations for the organizer, which is due immediately after reservation. The size of the deposit may vary from package to package, but will never exceed NOK 2.500 per person.

The reservation fee shall only cover non-refundable advance payments incurred immediately upon booking. The reservation fee is due 2 days after booking.

4. Special conditions relating to the agreement

4.1. Cancellation Protection and travel insurance

The promoter has no distinctive insurances that can be offered to the individual customers and therefore is encouraged all to subscribe their own travel insurance with cancellation protection. The Promoter encourages customers to read through article on choosing Travel Insurance: https://www.finansportalen.no/andre-valg/artikler/for-du-velger-reiseforsikring/

The customer is deemed to have read and understood information about travel insurance covering loss/damage to travel goods, coverage of medical expenses and eventual repatriation of accident/illness. The customer must bring European health safely short (earlier “The Trydgekontorets form” E111 )If such travel insurance is not subscribed.

4.2 Health Information

When using the organizer as a guide during hunting, fishing or outdoor activities, it is necessary that the customer inform if there are health reasons to demonstrate particular caution when setting up guiding.

In the event of a package transfer, the new customer shall disclose if there is a need for health reasons from the promoter’s site. If this is not stated, it is not the responsibility of the Promoter if the customer fails to take advantage of activities, transportation or accommodation.

4.3 Information regarding transportation and accommodation

The promoter offers a package of transportation, accommodation and guiding. In some cases, additional benefits may be selected, but essentially, these are the three product categories that organizers operate with.

4.4 Other conditions

Sami Culture AS makes legal guarantees to anyone who orders packages through us either directly or indirectly from norvilt.com. If you have questions about the Travel Guarantee Fund, please call the fund’s representatives by phone 51 85 99 40 or send an email to firmapost@rgf.no

5. Customer’s right to cancel or assign the trip

5.1  Cancellation by force majeure

The customer is entitled to cancel the package, and a refund of the amount paid for the package trip   is refunded, if at the destination or in the immediate vicinity of the last 14. The days before the package trip will take up, to ascertain acts of war, natural disasters, dangerous infectious diseases or other events that must be equated with the aforementioned, and there is reasonable grounds to assume that the conditions will also make itself applicable when The package after the agreement shall take. The right of cancellation shall also apply if the events occur on or along the itinerary, and they entail a real risk to the customer. Claims for reimbursement of benefits that are not part of the package will be required, if payment for such benefits is already communicated from the Promoter to the relevant service provider, to the relevant service provider on contractual basis.

The right to cancellation after this point does not apply if the customer knew, or should be aware of, the circumstances when he entered into the agreement to purchase the trip.

5.2 Cancellation Fee

The customer is entitled to cancel the trip to pay a reasonable administrative fee of NOK. 500 per person until there is 42 days (or less) left for the day of departure. In case of cancellation, the following rules apply:

  • Cancellation more than 42 days until departure date entitles you to a refund of the entire amount paid minus the deposit.
  • Cancellation less than 42 days until departure day entitles to a refund of 50 % of the amount paid minus the deposit.
  • Cancellations within less than 30 days of the day of attendance will not be entitled to a refund of the amount paid.

If the customer’s order includes several persons, and the agreed total price is based on discounts or rejections tied up to the number of participants, the basis for such discounts or rejections may fall away if any of the travel is canceled. In the event of partial cancellation, the promoter shall reimburse the proportionate proportion of the agreed/paid price to those who cancel, and collect any additional price due to the loss of rebates relating to the group’s size, from the remaining Participants.

5.3. In case of sudden and severe illness or accident event – voluntary cancellation protection.

See section 4.1 for cancellation protection. Customer may voluntarily subscribe for cancellation protection/insurance and thus has the right to request a waiver from the agreement if the customer can document that the conditions for such cancellation are met. He is obliged to notify the promoter of the cancellation as soon as possible after he is acquainted with the circumstances that give right to the cancellation after this point.

Customer is encouraged to familiarize themselves with travel insurances where cancellation protection is included. It is important that the customer familiarize themselves with the conditions insurance companies operate with.

5.4. Transfer of purchased activity

Customer has the right to assign the trip to another that meets the conditions for participating in the journey. The assumption is that the promoter or the provider is notified of this as early as possible and within 14 days before the commencing day, and that the Promoter and/or subcontractors he employs are not bound by rules prohibiting such conferral.

When conferring a purchased package, the name change fee applies at a value of NOK 500. This fee is payable by the customer prior to the transfer may be deemed to be approved. The Promoter’s terms and conditions are normally deemed to be met with the new customer. The original customer is obliged to disclose the new customer the terms and conditions associated with the activity.

5.5 Change of order

The customer may change the travel content against administrative fee amounting to NOK 500 per person, if there are available dates for the execution of the trip.

6. The Promoter’s right to cancel or amend the trip without obligation to do so.

6.1 For Few enrolled

The promoter may cancel the individual trip if it is not sold the number of seats or the amount of the share in their individual terms and conditions to discontinue the trip. The promoter cannot cancel the trip if it is less than 30 days until the day of attendance.

Written notice will be sent to the customer prior to the deadline. Upon cancellation, the amount paid in full is payable, including the deposit.

6.2 Obstruction outside the promoter’s control

The promoter may cancel an activity without liability, if there can be any obstacles that are outside the control of the promoter and cannot be reasonably expected to be taken into account when the agreement was concluded. Such obstacles can, under the circumstances, be war or act of war, natural disasters, dangerous infectious diseases or other events that must be equated with the foregoing.

If a journey is canceled before it starts due to obstacles outside the Promoter’s control, he will be obliged to refund the customer immediately. Alternatively, the customer has the right to participate in another package trip if the promoter can provide this. If the trip is more expensive than the original, the customer will pay the difference. If it is cheaper, the customer can claim the difference refunded.

6.3. The Promoter’s right to change the contents or conditions of the travel by agreement

The Promoter may not change the terms of the agreement or the travel specifications to the disadvantage of the customer upon making the agreement, unless it is subject to change specifically stated benefits/specifications, and this is expressly stated by the individual agreement, i.e. Travel proof or other agreement document.

The Promoter is obliged to notify the customer in writing as soon as possible if he wishes to change the terms or content after this clause. At the same time, the Promoter shall advise the customer of his right to cancel the purchase of the trip if the changes result in the travel being suffered from significant defects for the customer after the change, or to claim a price reduction if the trip will If the customer does not invoke this right within three days after notification of the change has arrived, he forfeits the right to cancel the purchase or claim a price reduction. If special circumstances cause the deadline to be met, the customer will be required to provide notice as soon as possible and within a reasonable time.

7. The Duties of the parties

7.1. The Promoter’s duties

The Promoter shall discontinue the journey in accordance with what is agreed with the traveler, cf. Section 2. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, the Promoter will reasonably ensure that the traveler is subjected to a minimum inconvenience.

The Promoter shall as soon as possible disclose the circumstances he understands, or should understand, affect the traveler. He must, in this context, ask the customer the questions necessary to fulfill the duty of disclosure.

Points out the traveler missing by the journey, the promoter duties to do what is within reasonable limits possible to rectify the defect as soon as possible.

7.2.  Customer’s Duties

Customer is obliged to enter into these general terms or the terms the Promoter has published on its websites,  in its directory or otherwise.

  • A) Payment: The customer is obliged to pay the agreed remuneration within the deadline set out in the terms. Substantial payment defaults give the promoter the right to cancel
  • b) Information:the customer is obliged to provide the Promoter the relevant information that he understands or should understand is of significant importance to the implementation of activities. The requester is obliged to provide correct and relevant information in relation to these as well. The promoter is not liable for any issues arising from the fact that the personal or special needs of the traveler are not provided in a correct manner. Anyone who orders one or more journeys on behalf of someone else is obliged to make sure that the individual who will participate in the journey can follow the rules the Promoter has set, and that the relevant journey is of such nature that the entrant may participate in it without charges for themselves or R Other
  • c) Complaints: The traveler is obliged to notify the Promoter within a reasonable time if he discovers a defect that will grant him rights under points 8 a) – d). If the activity is discovered, the customer must be able to advertise on the site as far as possible. The deadline for complaint is four weeks from the completed activity.
  • d) Documents etc: the customer is obliged to verify that tickets and travel documents are in accordance with the order and that the name of the traveler complies with what is on the order. The customer is obliged to obtain travel insurance to cover cancellations, damages, etc.
  • e) Considerations with travelers etc:  The customer is obliged to comply with the Promoter’s own provisions as presented to him prior to the conclusion of the agreement, the hotels and other subcontractors ‘ rules, as well as to comply with the carrier’s and the The rules of the domestic authorities. The customer shall continue to comply with the instructions the promoter provides about the attendance time, meeting place etc during the trip, as well as the order of freight Forwarder the transportation officer having to provide in connection with unforeseen incidents during the trip.

Each participant on the journey must not act in such a way that it is a nuisance to those with travelers or creates security or practical problems for the promoter. The Promoter has the right to refuse a traveler at the start of the journey if the traveler’s behavior or condition makes it obvious that he cannot meet the requirements of this point.

  • f) Home Travel etc: The traveler is solely responsible for providing home travel to the organizer so that the organizer gets customized activities so that times are met by the organizer. The promoter is not liable for any incorrect information from the customer and any additional charges that this may cause.
  • g) Consequences of defaults: gross breach of these provisions after the relationship has been incurred, the Promoter grants the right to deny any traveler to any further participation in the activity (s). The Promoter has no responsibility for any additional expenses incurred in connection with the forward/changed return journey. The disapproved traveler also does not promote claims regarding the part of the trip that is not being used. Customer may be liable for any loss or additional expenses incurred by the Promoter in case of a gross breach of the above provisions. The customer is liable for damages and losses, etc. Under normal tort rules.

8. About missing

8.1. Missing before departure

The customer may terminate the agreement before the journey takes if it is clear that the package travel will have substantial defects. The same applies if the contractual terms change and the change is at considerable disadvantage to the customer. Any defects must be pointed out to the Promoter in connection with the request for elevation of agreement, but if the promoter still manages to deliver the package trip without significant defects then the right to terminate the agreement.

Upon termination of the Agreement, the customer is entitled to a full refund of all paid amounts. Minus deposit.

8.2. Missing after departure

The package travel is deficient when it differs from that agreed or provided in the agreement, and this is not due to the customer or any relationship on his part. However, deviations from the agreed-upon are not considered as shortages if they are of lesser importance or are of the kind the customer must expect may be occurring occasionally. The same is true of deviations in natural conditions that the Promoter neither had nor ought to have knowledge or dominion over.

The customer is obliged to advertise on the shortcomings he discovers as soon as possible. Claims to be promoted later than deadlines in these criteria clause 7.2. (c) will normally mean that the customer’s rights are waived.

Claims for any defect after departure, the customer grants these rights:

a) Relief: The customer may require the promoter to assist the defect if this can occur without unreasonable expense or inconvenience to him. The relief must be made within a reasonable time and without accidental inconvenience to the customer. Deny customer rectification that will remedy the defect, or fail  to advertise to the promoter or the Promoter’s representative where possible, so that rectification may take place, he forfeits the right to further claims. All claims must be notified during the execution of the journey.

b) Price reduction: If the defect is not remedied, the customer is entitled to a proportionate price reduction, possibly coverage of the reasonable expenses the customer has had by even improving the defect when the Promoter has not been able to do so.

c) Termination: Have activities essential deficiencies and the purpose of the activities is substantially failed, the customer may terminate the agreement and reclaim the amounts paid according the agreement. If the customer raises the agreement according to this provision, he is entitled to a free transfer back to the departure point or else the trip should be terminated, if the activists contain the transport element. The rules of Art 6.2., 3. The same way.

d) Compensation: If the activities are deficient and this causes the customer to suffer losses, the customer may require compensation by the Promoter. The customer may, where he has not suffered any loss, require an allowance if the defect has caused the client significant inconvenience. The Promoter’s indemnification obligation will be lost if the promoter can prove that the defect is due to circumstances beyond the control of the promoter and which he could not reasonably be expected to have taken into account at the time of the agreement and which He or someone he is responsible for could avoid or fend off the consequences of. The Promoter is obliged anyway to provide the customer with necessary assistance as quickly as possible.


In case of complaints, the traveler shall be made aware of the complaint procedure and that if the customer’s claims are not met or the parties do not agree, the case may be brought in for the complaints board for packages or other dispute resolution bodies And any complaint fees in this regard.